Item:  Christmas Candle Mat

Pattern:  Churn Dash

Size:   17 X 17 inches

Machine pieced and quilted, with hand rolled and sewn binding.   

Practice, practice, practice! 

So is it late for Christmas, or just very early?  ;)


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35 responses to “Finished!

  1. its so lovely, congrats!

  2. In your eyes desperately late but in ours, truly ready to be adored ;-)

  3. Either way, it’s done! A few days after Christmas, I posted on Facebook that I was finally ready for Christmas. Those who know me best laughed, and the rest thought I was way ahead of schedule. :)

  4. And it’s very pretty!

  5. Oh how cute! All the Christmas birds are represented. It must be an early start on next year so you can claim to be super organized.

    • Hey, Anita! Yeah, that’s it! LOL, I wanted it done for Christmas, and now it will be. The best part of this work is that I actually got my corners to match. A FIRST! However, I’m undecided about the machine quilting pattern. I used the green plaid for the backing and then put green in the bobbin and red for the top stitching. It worked, but I don’t like the red showing on top of the yellow fabric. I also had a bit of trouble with my corners. Perhaps this was due to my binding being so small? I cut it at 2 inches, and then used a 1/4 in. seam. I’ve done this before and it worked beautifully…?

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody

        You’re concern about the red top thread showing (too much contrast on the yellow, right?) – but then again, anything else would show on the red of your churn “dasher” – a bit of a “Catch 22″, isn’t it?
        About your “troubled” corners… If you don’t want to have a mitred corner w/ a 90* angle, what if you nip off a tiny bit of the “innards” so you can just ease the binding around the corner instead – or at the very least that would give you a bit more “wiggle room” to make your mitre?: )

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody

        LOVE your colours btw – great job (and the birds are just SO you: )

  6. There’s nothing like finishing a quilt off to give one a sense of self satisfaction …or so Mrs Tootlepedal tells me.

  7. Now that is r-e-a-l pretty. I like the pattern a lot. A very neat job.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Congratulations :) it looks lovely
    I think things of beauty are never early or late. They can be enjoyed any time :)

    • Sawsan, thank you, I actually planned to use it for a bit just because it is done and I can’t wait all the way until next Christmas. ;)

  10. It’s so lovely Lynda, I just love it!

  11. Well done, Lynda – you’re very creative! ;)

  12. Christmas is every day with Jesus <3

  13. I’m full of admiration! That’s something I’ll never do – but just as every musician needs an audience, I figure every quilter needs someone to oooh and aaah. I’ll do it!

    I am curious about the name of the pattern. When I looked at it, I wondered if the solid red portion represents the churn paddles?

    • Thank you, Linda, and you’re correct about the red portion of the pattern making the churn paddles! Want to see my next quilt? I’m very excited about this pattern because it utilizes all the blocks I’ve previously made with success, and runs them together to make an entirely new pattern within the whole. Look HERE! I think it is simply stunning don’t you?

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody

        Hey, this looks like a version of the Double Wedding Band (although, by the look of all the comments on the link, it goes by many names: )
        It gives quite the visual effect, doesn’t it? (I think quilters have been into psychedelia for a VERY long time; )

  14. Good for you!! I think it is early for next Christmas. :-)

  15. Let’s be positive and say EARLY!! What a beautiful piece!