The Official Paint Tester Sez…


Yup, it’s still wet.  Better not touch it.

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16 responses to “The Official Paint Tester Sez…

  1. Love it! We had a very funny time recently when I was just about finished painting the dining room. Going round with the top coat for the wood. Milly, our Cocker Spaniel, came to sit by me. Next thing I look up to see her tearing off with a tail full of green paint… Don’t know if it was funnier watching me chase after her to clean it off or going round finding all of the walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets etc that she’d managed to do that perfect feather treatment on :D


      Well, if it wasn’t Claus today, it was me with my robe tie in the paint… Lesson here???
      Don’t paint in your robe! (You would think that goes without saying. Wouldn’t you?) ;)

  2. Yep, the cats will do it every time. Cats are just too nosey for their own good.

  3. Something always gets into the wet paint, usually me.

  4. I can’t say much – I’m the one who always has this urge to reach out and give it just a touch to SEE if it might not be dry!

  5. We painted our shed in April, our black dog still has a little bit of paint on the tip of his tail.

    • Shhhh… I still have a little bit of paint on the top of my head. Parchment is the paint color and it sure beats the gray I’ve been sporting so much of lately! ;)

  6. I am doing just like him… love this picture
    Have a nice day Lynda

  7. Ha ha ha!!! It seems we’re all afflicted with paint testing! What a funny and entertaining post, Lynda!