Friday Fictioneers: anniversary for one

By now you know the rules, and if not, please do visit Rochelle at Addicted to Purple HERE.  Thank you Rochelle!  And a special thanks to Dawn Q. Landau  for the use of her photograph today!

A little pink house liteCopyright-Dawn Q. Landau


Anniversary for One

Today would have been their 60th anniversary if Charles had lived.  To celebrate Jessica packed a special dinner and took the keys to her daughters car.  She knew Sharon had made plans, but she wanted to be alone with her memories.

She found the place easily enough, though she was shocked to see that the roof was long gone.  Here is where they’d made love for the first time, and then, Charles had proposed.

Climbing the stairs she laid out a blanket for her meal and adjusted her pillow.  Alone she ate, watching the sunset and waiting for high tide.


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35 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: anniversary for one

  1. That was so sad. I was rooting for her. Nicely written.

  2. Very good writing Lynda for a sad story. I like the picture very much.

    • I’ll admit it is sad, Chantal, and sometimes I wonder where my ideas come from. (???)

      Dawn’s photograph did make the story easy to write.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    SUCH a sad tale! Do I dare ask what happens at high tide?
    WELL DONE once again, Lynda!! Re your comment on story content/origins to Chantal: that’s what I had just wondered (for the umpteenth time; )

  4. An excellent job. Like minds think alike my submission this week was a love story too that ended with one mate being dead.

    • I was surprised (I often am) at how many of us went in the same direction. Some humorous, some bittersweet, all involving love. Thank you!

  5. I have three “friends” who have lost their husbands in recent years. This Christmas seemed to be especially hard on them, although i imagine most days are.

    • The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, they are all difficult times when a loved one is gone. So much emotion is invested in these eventful days. It just isn’t the same after they are gone.
      Thank you for visiting, Dawn!

  6. Nicely done, and very poignant.

  7. Dear Lynda,

    Well crafted and bittersweet. I enjoyed this very much.



  8. There’s my girl with her Friday Fictioneers!! You know how I love your writing.
    Sad, yes, but she knows what she wants … to be back with her lover of 60 years,
    That photos is awesome!
    How’s the knee?

    • Thank you, Laurie! Yes, this photo was an inspiring one, wasn’t it? I love it when I can look at a photo and the words instantly begin forming in my head. :D

      My knee is no better, but then, it is no worse. I saw the Dr., I am going to get x rays tomorrow, and thankfully, therapy is on the horizon! I traded in my staff for a proper walking cane last night. An amazing alignment shift, and now my other joints are happy! I am very frustrated that I can’t even get out to walk. Even the grocery store sends me home in pain. GAAACK!

      This too shall pass. ;)

  9. So sad, but so lovingly written.

  10. Very nice. I just hope Sharon doesn’t get worried. I wonder if she knows where her mother went?

    • Thank you, Linda, and good question! I’m certain that Jessica would have shared some of the stories of that intimate, and meaningful, spot with her daughter over the years. Whether it will occur to her or not… well…

      Nevertheless, I’m certain that the authorities will find the missing car.

  11. You always put such lovely thoughts to the saddest photos… nice work, Lynda!

  12. Lynda, clearly we were indeed on the same wavelength. Mine is a continuation, but yours holds all of the loss and longing of a story that’s longer. Well done.

  13. Nicely written, but a sad story. Grief is like that.

  14. HI Lynda, Sixty years….Wow! You have a treasure trove of memories; delight and relish them. He will never be forgotten! -Angela