Photo Friday: find the Claus

Find the kitty!


OK, I sorta tricked you.  Claus is not in this picture.  Although, there is a good-looking leaf pile replica that some of you found right off.  Good eyes, my friends!  :) 

This morning I was looking into the back forty when I noticed Claus was up on the chicken’s run.   You may or may not recall that he has a bum knee, so this was unusual.  Running (well, OK limping actually ;) )  to go get my camera and take a picture of this amazing kitty feat for Bob, I got back and he was gone… 

or was he?

There-he-isFunny Boy!  If you can’t find him in this picture then click to enlarge it.


NOTE:  Sorry for the grainy shots, but they were taken through the dining room window. 

Have a Blessed weekend!

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32 responses to “Photo Friday: find the Claus

  1. I found your kitty, bottom sort of right….Kitty has some white to break up the camouflage.

  2. Well caught! No wonder you wanted to catch him for Bob.

    • Yes, Annie! Very recently he has begun climbing tree trunks to chase squirrels, hopping up and balancing himself on the top of the chain link fence, and now today I find him all the way up on the chicken’s run, and house! I guess he is what you would call a “late bloomer.”

  3. I see him… the little weasel! ;-)

  4. cute! Have a good weekend, too and hope the knee improves soon

    • Hi, Anna! I settled for the shot, because I couldn’t afford all the PT visits. It is very much better, but I keep forgetting my cane and then I get into trouble without it. ;) Dr. Said it is arthritis, still in the moderate range. I would hate the think what advanced feels like! :shock:

  5. I saw him in the bottom right in that first picture, too. Except he isn’t there! With your guidance, I found him in the second. Aren’t they fun?

    I’m glad to hear your knee’s better.I’ve got some arthritis in my hands that acts up from time to time – its such a weird condition. Swelling joints, itching, all that… It’s not been so terribly bad this year, but there’s no predicting when it’s going to pop up. Be careful – you don’t need more damage!

    • You know, Linda, I enlarged the picture and went looking for what you and Elena had seen, and sure enough I saw it too! The leaves in the pile look just like a kitty in hiding. :D

      As for the knee, it is better. However, as I have found out twice this week I simply am not ready for business as usual. It is such a false sense of wellness, and then I take that one misstep and I’m hurting. :|

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Both you and the cat with a bum knee? Oh my, what a pair; ) Good to hear from you!: )

  7. Well done for catching him there. It’s hard to see, but I found him on the roof! :D

  8. Found him when I enlarged the picture – cute.

  9. Never would have found Claus if I hadn’t enlarged the pic! Clever Kitty! Is the knee any better????

  10. Ha ha ha!! Claus is gearing up for his acrobat routine! He’s been watching too many of the great “Wallenda’s” on TV through the window!!

    • He used to not be able to do anything athletic, Lori. Yet, in spite of his knee he was always a good runner! Now I guess he has learned to compensate. :D

      This could be trouble…