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The Mystery is Solved!

Since buying the property I have been seeing large floaters in the water.  Some are over two feet long!  I had been told that they were snapping turtles, but I could never see them. Trying to get closer only caused the shadowy shapes to dive down deeper.


Do you see those scary dark spots in the water?  Do you think they are snapping turtles?

Sunday afternoon I tried a different tactic.  I walked very slowly, and cautiously to the pond.  I stopped and waited several times for the shadows to resurface and then put my tripod up in the shade.  Being in the shade masked me, but the awesome part was when the slanty light finally revealed the mystery.


I went hunting,

What did I see?


I saw a big Catfish


Looking at me!


So happy there are no snapping turtles to bite the feet of my geese!

Saturday Snaps: georgie plays

Georgie, is the type of goose that gives all geese a bad name.  He hisses, pulls out chicken’s feathers, pinches the dogs, and me!    It is unfortunate that he has such an ill temper, because on days like this, he does make me laugh with his playfulness.

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The gate to the chicken’s run lets chickens in and keeps Georgie out!  The item he is playing with is the scoop I use to dispense the scratch grains… Georgie loves chicken scratch.  ;)

Have a lovely day!


It’s been one of those days…

It started with one of Polly’s eggs exploding in her nest and ruining the whole clutch.  :(

Then this afternoon I went out and all my bees are swarming!  I tried to capture the swarm into another hive body that I have, but have no way of knowing if I got the queen or not.  :(


And just a while ago our realtor called and told us that someone else has bid on the property we found.  The owner has told him that he wants cash, so now the other bidder has to talk to his wife and see what she says.

I really hope she says:


So now we shall wait to see if God says yes.

WARNING:  for the easily grossed out, please read no further!

It seems that my day was not over yet, because the bad eggs I had pulled out earlier and put into a box to throw away, I promptly forgot about leaving them on the back steps. . .

Tucker found the box, dug into it, ate the contents and then barfed them up onto the living room rug.  We tried several different applications and used the rug shampooer on it, but it is now hanging on the back fence.  I don’t know if the stench will ever come out!

THEN, not to be outdone, Buddy found the remnants of one of the eggs (shells mostly) and he at them.  Then for good measure rolled in the remainder.  Two hours later he went into the bedroom and barfed on the carpet.  Thankfully, the remainders, were not so virulent as the original nasty dead eggs, and therefore we were able to clean the bedroom carpets efficiently.

I have had enough and believe I will be heading off to bed now.


This and that.

The application for the mortgage is in.  Now we wait.

The chickens are back to laying again! 

Fresh eggs anyone?


Late last week it got down to about 23 degrees overnight.  It has taken me five years of living here to figure out to fill the water buckets the night before, and then just break the ice the next morning!  WAY easier than hauling three gallon water buckets from the bathroom out to the goose run.

Recently, my friend Lori of Day by Day the Farm Girl Way wrote a post about how water freezes and its delicate nature  HERE

Well, there is certainly nothing delicate about these 3 x 3 inch quite pointy formations, now is there?  ;)


How did that happen? 


Polly has a secret.  Shhh…


And Frellnick is a very overprotective father to be!


He looks so threatening, doesn’t he?  But he is all show with me.  Georgie on the other hand has been getting his ‘tail feathers’ whupped this past week. 

Sadly, I have had to separate them again.  :(


In the meantime, I have finally calmed down from the excitement of new Farmlet buying.    So now I wait for a house appraisal, thoroughly CLEAN the aforementioned house in preparation for a very special visitor (who flies in for a weeks stay next month) and watch for Polly to begin setting in earnest!

So much is happening over the next four weeks! 

Don’t you agree?