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Photo Friday: find the Claus

Find the kitty!


OK, I sorta tricked you.  Claus is not in this picture.  Although, there is a good-looking leaf pile replica that some of you found right off.  Good eyes, my friends!  :) 

This morning I was looking into the back forty when I noticed Claus was up on the chicken’s run.   You may or may not recall that he has a bum knee, so this was unusual.  Running (well, OK limping actually ;) )  to go get my camera and take a picture of this amazing kitty feat for Bob, I got back and he was gone… 

or was he?

There-he-isFunny Boy!  If you can’t find him in this picture then click to enlarge it.


NOTE:  Sorry for the grainy shots, but they were taken through the dining room window. 

Have a Blessed weekend!

Relative indicators: cold, colder, coldest!

Saying this winter is cold is an understatement.  We may not be in the negative digits as those to the north of us are suffering, yet I believe it is all relative.  Let me explain that statement.

The serious bits…

We are all facing a propane shortage.  Because of this shortage, the Governor of our state has declared a state of emergency.  This will protect us from price gouging.  Cold below freezing will hurt you, and if you can’t keep your house heated, then sadly, it doesn’t matter how many degrees below freezing you are, below freezing is going to hurt you.  I had no idea about the propane shortage when I called to have our tank filled yesterday, and I am grateful that it is full now, because we don’t have a fireplace here.  Normally we get through the winter with only one fill up.  This was our second!

We in the eastern portion of the nation, and this does include the deep south, are facing unseasonably cold winter weather!  Homes built in the south are not accustomed to prolonged freezing temperatures.  We are near the Tennessee border and our walls are pretty thin.  The further down towards the gulf you go, the thinner and less insulated your home will be.  When it gets this cold you might as well be living in a cracker box!  This also means higher energy costs. Few living in the south have a home that was built to be protected from frozen pipe damage or insulated well enough for sustained freezing temperatures.

For all the water we have here in the form of rivers, lakes streams and reservoirs, it may seem quite odd that there were some localities that experienced a water shortage.  This was due to all the households running their taps at night to keep their pipes from freezing.  No one wants to waste water,  yet in weather like this, it has to be done.

Then there are the animals that are affected.  I’m not so worried about my own, because I have provided them with a heat source, unfrozen water, and warm, protected shelter.

On realizing that we were headed into the deep freeze, with possible windchill factors below zero, we put up a wind break for the poultry.  It works really well for the chickens, but for the most part, the geese seem to ignore it and wander about the yard looking for anything that is still edible (not freeze-dried  ;) ).  Well, I suppose they do have a layer of fat and all that down to keep them warm.

P1068404-2“What!  You gave the chickens a heater? Where’s our heater?”

Ever wonder where the wild things go to find food and water?  Well, apparently here in N. Alabama,  they are getting it from my chickens and geese!

On keeping a sense of humor…

Now it must be said that even in all this cold, there is still some fun to be had!  Remember the property across the way with the derelict house on it?  Well, now that it is cleared, and a proper berm tractored into place, we have a smallish catch basin.   (It is kind of a swamp really, but the frogs will think its grand in the summer.)  For now, it is frozen over and the neighbor kids have begun using it as an ad hoc skating rink!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you ever wonder:  “How do the little squirrels stay warm?”

They move FAST!

This squirrel has a scratch feed addiction!  ;)


No matter where we are in this cold season, and whatever the circumstances we face, we have to be aware, be safe, help others in need, try to stay warm, and if possible, to keep our sense of humor intact.


Sending blessings out to all who are suffering in this weird weather!  


Sunday Photo Fiction: the higher intellect

Another writers Venue! 

The photo prompt is brought to you today by Sunday Photo Fiction, and can be found by looking HERE.  The rules for this flash fiction allow from 100 to 200 words, and provides a nice little stretch from my usual 100.  ;)



The Higher Intellect

Unnoticed atop a cage in the back, Georgie had the advantage.  He could hardly contain himself.  Stuffing his hand into his mouth he held his mirth in check. Down below him Silverback began to strut for the ladies.  Moving slowly he flexed his muscles, struck a pose, and on cue the group began  “oohing”  and “aahing”.

Today there were three.  Blondie, who he thought he recognized, stood there with hands clasped before her in tense anticipation; a vacationer; and the timid one, peeking through the bars in back.  He always felt a twinge of guilt when he saw him.  Their prank caused him to fall, yet, he comes back for more.

He would never understand humans being named the highest of intellect, because no matter how many times he and Ol’ Silver set this up, it always had the same effect.

Georgie leapt down from his perch, and cupping his hands began beating his chest in loud, thumping, pops.  Gaping and lurching toward the glass he roared,

“Aurgh, OOO-OOO-OOO!”

The people ran screaming.

He and Silver fell to the ground, rolling and laughing at the sight of them.  The humans, running as if for their lives, heard  simply,

“Aurgh-OOO-OOO, Aaaah-OOO-OOO-OOO!”


WORDS:  200

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Find the Kitty

Just for fun, can you find the kitty? 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a kitty in this picture I promise.  ;)