A Good Friday

A gentle rain fell, 

scrubbing the air…



encouraging new growth,

and glorious beauty.


…Happy Easter

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32 responses to “A Good Friday

  1. Alison Strong

    Your picture is beautiful what a nice ray of essence to look at an hour and a half before getting married. Alison and Charles

  2. Happy Easter Lynda! Hope it’s a wonderful weekend for you.

  3. Hi,
    What a lovely selection of photos, and I loved the little flowered bush in the last one, it certainly is a glorious beauty.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

    • Thank you! The bush is my favorite. It is a native in Alabama and by day all its lovely flowers are scentless… but when the sun goes down it has a lovely perfume that fills our yard. We are blessed to have three of them on our little Farmlet! Happy Easter to you and yours! ~ Lynda

      • How unusual for the scent of the flowers to only come at night that really is intriguing, it certainly is a special bush.

        • There are a few flowers that only emit their scent at night. I have never thought to look up the reason for this, but I am sure it has a purpose. It certainly makes sitting outside at this time of year a delight. No mosquitoes yet either! :)

  4. happy easter honey, i hope you are feeling weller!!! c

  5. How beautiful – thank you!

  6. Lovely photos. I do love the freshness after a gentle rain.

  7. You’ve captured such beautiful rays of sunshine. Very nice time of day to be taking photos. The light and shade give extra depth to the composition.and atmosphere.

  8. These pictures are a joy to the soul.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. What a joy to see all this green! Beautiful images, Lynda. A Happy Easter to you as well.

  11. Beautiful spring photos, Lynda. Again, Happy Easter. :-)

  12. I am in love with your pictures, I kept looking at the first one. Amazing light.
    Thank you for sharing them. I love the weather after rain, it is so much cleaner and fresher

    • Sawsan, in California I used to love the smell and feel of the air after a rain, because it was normally so dry there. Here in the summer the rain makes it HUMID and HOT. Now, in Alabama, I like the spring rains and for the very reason you see in the photos.

  13. Wow, looks so green and lush. I’ve never been to Alabama, it looks beautiful. Great photos. :)

    • It is beautiful here! Strangely, we hadn’t either until four years ago. It is a long story. ;) Thank you for visiting and for the compliment! ~ L

  14. What beautiful photos – of a beautiful world! Do you happen to know the name of that night-scented bush? I’ve experienced a few night-bloomers, especially lilies and cactus, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

    I hope your Easter was wonderful. If I were there, I just would have sat around and looked at the trees!

    • This small tree/large shrub is called, Chionanthus virginicus L. or, white fringetree, Grandpa’s whiskers, and a few variations on that theme. It is a native of the US, although there is an oriental variety too. If you like it you might want to be sure and purchase the native variety as I think it would perform the best for you in your area. You can read more about it here at the USDA website. :)


      As for Easter, it was beautiful, and we did do a bit of sitting and watching the trees green up. :)
      And you? ~ L

  15. All the fresh greens after a rain is one of my favourites. Thank you! And I hope you had a wonderful warm Easter