Can you see me?


How about now?

This Eastern Garter snake is non venomous and a pest predator. I enjoyed seeing it hanging out behind my new herb bed.  I have (had?) a resident vole that moved in and stayed for the past three months.  Although, I haven’t seen the Garter snake or the vole for a couple of weeks…  🙂

Learn more about Eastern Garter snakes:  CLICK HERE



All wounds heal given time

Remember this?

No?  OK, you can read about it HERE

This is solid oak and we couldn’t even give it away for firewood!


Well, after 10 years, and four tries to get a lawn going,  we finally paid someone to get the job done!  The result?

We have a lawn!

The Log pile is gone! We had to pay the gardener to haul it away.

This is going to be a load of work this summer.

We’ll need to eradicate the grubs,

To chase out the moles,

To stop the little dog

from digging big holes!

And Evermore we will have to mow, mow, mow.  I think I like Tootlepedal’s lawn better.  It is a perfectly mowed postage stamp of short, green, turf, and all surrounded by hedges and gardens.  LOOK HERE  about half way down the page.  He and his wife are always doing something to make it gorgeous and bird worthy.

Why did we do this again?  Oh yeah, because the dogs need a lawn so I don’t have a new layer of mud, leaves and dirt on my floors every day.

Now here is a funny thing; growing the lawn successfully has brought on a desire to garden again.  I have begun in this corner and will expand it bit by bit.

You see that gazing globe?  I have had it for maybe 20 years and never put it out when we moved here.  I should have because I really like to look at it, but I was afraid that the wind would blow it over, or a tree branch would smash it.  What a waste it has been to own a lovely thing and then leave it wrapped up in the well house for safe keeping.  I have taken measures to try to keep it wind worthy.  I placed a bit of rebar through the center of the pedestal and pounded it deeply into the ground.  The portion that stuck up through the center of the glass ball is well padded and helps to keep everything safe and steady.  Now it puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

The grass is always greener where you can actually grow it.

What has spring induced you to do in the garden?

The elephant in the room…

It has been far too long since I posted regarding the Mountain Farmlet.

So here is why…


  • Due to our health issues we are no longer able to do the work that needs to be done to make it livable for us there.
  • Also due to our health issues we have no money to pay someone else to complete the work for us
  • We are planing to sell the property.

Bob and I are realizing that our little acre here is about all we can manage.  We are making plans with the folks who own the property behind us to lease it so I can have my pygmy goats, but that is at least a year down the line.

Bob has greatly improved since his diagnosis of COPD and resulting treatments, but working wears him out entirely.   He still enjoys it, but needs more breaks.

Me?  Since my knee surgery my arthritis has taken over my life!  Thankfully, my knee has healed enough that I was able to get some of my raised beds planted this spring.  Going out there each day puts a smile on my face to be sure!  However, some mornings find me hitching and lurching just to get out to take care of Polly, Fredric and the chickens.

Due to an old *injury to my thumb when we moved here eight years ago, I am now having to go in for surgery on the  22nd. to remove bone and build a replacement out of restructured tendon at the base of my left thumb and just above the wrist.  The swelling and pain find me dropping things unexpectedly throughout the day, and also limit what I can do in the studio, ergo fewer posts about my quilting and sewing.

I find it hard to believe that at the time we decided to buy the property in Tuscumbia we were both in seemingly great health and now we realize that we just have to let it go.

Anyone want to buy 25 acres with an antique home that needs lots of TLC?  It has a new tin roof!  🙂

So I am certain that most of you know this old joke, but I’ll post it anyway:

know how to make god laugh?

just tell him your plans.

Today will be spent unpacking the boxes I packed three years ago when I thought we were moving, and the rest of the week will find me busy with setting the guest bedroom back to rights.

are we sad?

yes, who wouldn’t be,

but we are also realistic about what we can handle.

Last week Bob was off work all week and we put another 13 Stay-Puffts into the freezer.  I got smart this time and cooked down all the bits and bones to make soup starter for this winter.  So now that too is all packed and waiting for us when the weather gets cold.  We now have plenty of chicken for the next year (meaning the next 12 months).  We also purchased bulk lamb (for Armenian sausage) and pork butt to make sweet Italian sausages for this next year .  It was a joy to be able to season them with mint and herbs from my garden!

Our freezer is full and we have a roof over our heads.

Life is good!

OK, lots to do before the 22nd.  I am going to get to work now.

These were taken this morning.  As always, please click for better viewing!

*When unpacking the moving van a 45 pound box of books fell onto my hand and pinned my thumb down onto to my arm.  It took several attempts before my brother-in-law and I could manage to dislodge it.  😯