It begins.

Bob returned to work this morning; a new job for the new year.   It was strange to see him so nervous and agitated yesterday.  Not like him, but I get it.  It is hard to imagine, but after years of having no trouble at all in locating his next job, and having never been let go in the way he was, ever, I understand his trepidation/excitement about the first day of work.

We spent the time off doing more around here than we anticipated, which is not to say we did nothing up on the mountain.  However, we realize that there will be time enough with his new schedule to get up there and accomplish something, and there will be less pressure to leave so early and rush back home.

Our plans, for the mountain are to finish the bedroom, reroute/replace the plumbing, and hook up the hot water heater.  The latter is of utmost importance if we are to be able to stay overnight and work the next morning.  It is cold up there.

We have begun with patching and painting first.

Demolition-Patch-and-PaintThis bedroom, inside wall is the old outside wall composed of board and batten hardwoods.

Our plan is to remove the wood, and save it of course!  We will then put up a vapor barrier and wallboard to match the rest of the walls.  This will close up all the gaps that let in the cold, and let out the heat in winter.  And vice versa for the summer months.


An event which I will discuss Wednesday has shown me some of the beauty hidden within our forest.


Hobbit-Hiding-placeAn enlarged view should remind you of a special Hobbit hiding place. 😉


We are becoming accustomed to not having it our way, to waiting for God’s plans for us.

And, in spite of the hiccoughs, we find ourselves enjoying the journey.

Though, if we must be entirely honest, we would like to arrive at our destination a bit more quickly.

See you Wednesday!


News from the front

I have been in an awful funk and unwilling to write or share.  I take the pictures and like those silly commercials, they remain on my disk in the camera.  Shameless.

Last Friday I had the first of my surgeries on my veins.  I have been so worried about the pain and the end results, and if it were really necessary, etc, etc, etc.   I know it was, but I was doing my best to convince myself that it was not.

There was really no pain involved.  I am surprised.

So, in other news we had a band of lightning and high winds come through early Friday morning.  We are OK, but some folks on the east side the Athens area sustained wind damage from an F-O class tornado.  I didn’t think such a thing existed, but it does.  And apparently it can tear things up pretty good.  No one was hurt and that is a blessing!

Then, later when we got home from my leg surgery we got a call from one of the neighbors up on the Mountain.  Guess some of the big “bendy winds”, as my friend Celi, from The Kitchen’s Garden, likes to call them, came through and took out quite a few large trees.  We talked to another neighbor by phone and he said it appeared that the house and the outbuildings held up.

We don’t know which trees, or the size of the trees, but the ones he said came down on his place are all LARGE TREES. 

We thought we were going to be taking advantage of the much cooler weather to begin work on the inside of the farmhouse…  guess it will be all chainsaw work now.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from my last visit before the big bendy wind came.  😀

I will post pictures of what we found late Sunday evening.  I go in for my second leg surgery on Monday morning (the left this time).  This will be better because now I know what I’ll face.

Oh yes, and did I tell you I am awake for this?

In Memoriam

It is with sadness I tell you that Miss Kitty was killed last month.  The irony of the situation is that she and Neville had been living up on the Mountain Farmlet for the past year with no problem at all.

Each week we drove up to the Mountain Farmlet to work.  We also  replenished her and Neville’s food stores, and put fresh water into the large font.  And each week she was happy to see us and lavished us with attention.  She loved to follow us on the trail and keep us company.

Recently, Bob was up there working on greens maintenance and noticed her back behind the house with her catch of the day.  After the weekly feed and water fill-up he then left to go work around the outbuildings.  He said that when he returned to the truck he found her in the road.

She was six years young.


On our first meeting she was very shy,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClick the photo and find the kitty

but we would soon discover that she loved following us out on the trail,

Miss Kitty strikes a pose.

This winter we often found her sunning on the bridge near the pond.

BaskingDo you see her?

This temporary marker will be replaced with a permanent one in the fall. 


A native planting with lovely blooms I think.  


NOTE:  I know some of you will wonder why we didn’t just bring the kitties here to live.  The fact is, that Miss Kitty simply refused to be picked up.  For all her affection, and the petting that she loved,  if you picked her up she would try to eat you!  So we let them both stay.  

Neville is now here with us.  He has adjusted to life with Claus and Lil’ Bit very well… though Lil’ Bit is not so forgiving of his attitude when he first arrived…


because he wanted (still wants) to be KING OF EVERYTHING!  😉


Photo Friday: a hint or two of spring

Last Sunday on the Mountain Farmlet


Well, I had intended for this post to go out on Monday, and for it to be a bit more polished, but there never seemed to be an opportune moment to get it done.  Then on Tuesday I had my knee surgery, and you can guess the rest!  I am just this evening able to sit comfortably at my computer.

I have more pictures now that the look and feel of spring have officially arrived, and I will post them later, but I wanted to share with you that I am OK, and now on the road to recovery!

I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer to schedule or I might have been waiting til mid summer for the surgery.  😳