At some point when I was not paying particular attention…

I jumped from nine years on WordPress to ELEVEN years on WordPress.  Wow, I guess I was just really busy?  Well, as a matter of fact am.

  • I made three quilts this year, start to finish, which is apparently a big deal to some folks around here.
  • I joined a quilting group in Huntsville recently.
  • I have been getting out into the world! Ergo, the ability to join the quilt group and actually go and have fun.
  • I lost a good dog friend. Good-by Buddy.  And found a new dog  friend;  Hello, Walker!

Hey I was busy and the time got away from me.  So I will try to be more communicative here, because I actually do want to share my activities.  I just have to find a way to be less wordy and perhaps push more photographic evidence of my journey this year.  Because as they say:

A picture is worth a thousand words; right?

Happy Fall – Hello winter?





I didn’t want to talk about it

~ but now I will ~

I lost my good friend Buddy last month.  He was thirteen almost to the day.

We hiked together, when we were younger,  took walks together when we got older, and for the past year he was always at my side; followed me everywhere.  He wouldn’t be separated from me no matter how many times I changed rooms, but with a difference lately.  He didn’t follow me outside, because he didn’t want to go up and down the steps unless absolutely necessary.

Pain meds helped for a while, but then he stopped following me inside and had begun to not even greet Bob at the door when he got home. Then he couldn’t keep his food down.

It was time.

Writing this brings tears to my eyes.  The house has been too quiet without him padding by my side each and every day.  So while some would be amazed at what I did yesterday, maybe even shocked, I went out and found a new friend to keep me company.  He walks by my side from room to room, follows me out on my chores, though I will not let him in with the chickens or the geese.  Not safe.  Without further explanation:

Meet Walker!

Look at those speckled feet!

He is a rescue pup I found through  A New Leash On Life.  I tried to pick a totally different kind of dog.  I really did!  Yet, I ended up with one that, at least as a two month pup, looks very like Buddy.  The big difference will be when he grows up.  Buddy was Lab and Border Collie  (very fluffy), and Walker is Hound and possibly Lab, so short hair.

The exciting bits of new puppy ownership are: Puppy breath (apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it’s grand);  Wiggles and puppy licks;  and, The need for constant motion until you just drop (as above).

The not so exciting bits of new puppies?  Chewing, house training, chewing, and did I mention House training!?  I think we are making something in the way of progress, because this morning after telling him very loudly and for the third time,


He actually stopped and ran for the back door where he sat and waited for me to take him out to finish the deed.

This too shall pass ❤

It wasn’t me!

More to come!



There is a Red tailed hawk hanging around the Farmlet – I chased it away yesterday. 

Today I have had to chase it away three times! 🤬 First time it swooped in and tried to haul away my favorite hen, Little Red. It came down less than four feet from me to get her!  The second time the geese alerted me that it captured and killed one of my Japanese Bantams. I did not let it keep the carcass. Now I have had to go out and chase it away again! Lucky for the second little Japanese hen I got out there in time and she only lost a few feathers.
It was amazing to see all the hens up in the branches of the large bush by my bedroom window.  Thinking all was well I went inside, but came back about a half hour later to see where the other half of my flock had disappeared to.  The stragglers followed me to the hen-house and I found the rest all hiding in the there and squished up against the farthest wall. I came out in time to see the last two little black Silkies making a break for it and the Silkie Rooster standing at the half way point calling to them.  He herded them into the shelter once they passed by.
That Red tailed hawk was pretty brazen. On the second encounter I came up behind it and it turned its head to look at me… it didn’t budge. I nudged it with my boot, it leapt  up, landed about 8 feet away, skittered to a stop, then turned and caped its wings to stare me down. I walked right up to it and it gaped its beak at me and fluffed up as big as it could make itself. I nudged the bruiser a bit harder (no, not hard enough to injure it) and it finally took off.

Waiting for sunset and hoping it finds a squirrel or something in the meantime.   😦

This has happened before back in January of 2011.  You can read about that episode and see a picture of the hawk – HERE   –  You can also see a picture of my little hen Tippy, who got free and then flew all the way across the pasture!   (Til then, I hadn’t known that chickens could really FLY.) –  HERE 

Before the month closes…

I want to share the first block in a series for Bee, Myself and I

The idea behind BM&I is to do a bit of sewing just for ourselves each month.  And like so many other quilters out there I often find that hard to do, as I feel that it is selfish to spend the time, energy and funds on me.   Thanks to Granny Maud’s Girl and Kate Chiconi from Tall Tales at Chiconia, I have had the prompting to begin.  Thank you both!

I had a few false starts last month when I listened to the lady at the quilt shop on background choices for my Hat Boxes blocks.  She didn’t understand how Kaffe Facet works: bright colors, wild florals and prints.  In a word bold.   And of course I had forgotten to pick up my book on the way out the door.  I got home and tried to make them work, but they simply were not right.  They were pale, insipid, uninspired.

I had to wait for the next payday, and then went out yesterday to shop for new backgrounds.  I love the new fabrics, but again made a wrong choice for the box I had already cut out.  The banding on the box is too close in value and print.

Having worked so diligently on the Y seam involved on the background I was loath to disassemble the block

and just made a new one.  This is much better!

Color is washed out due to flash, sorry.

The block is done!

Last thoughts:   It was frustrating to have picked wrong fabrics initially, and to have again made the same mistake this month with assembly.  However, I have learned how to make a very good “Y” seam and now have another background all ready to go for another hat box in the future!  That said, after all that trouble to make a perfect “Y” seam it was rather disturbing to realize I would be cutting it off the back to reduce the thickness of the layers for quilting!

I just have to remind myself that it was all worth the effort, because now I have a new skill in my arsenal