This week it was sunflowers

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Next week?



Happy Friday my friends.  🙂


NOTE:  The half square triangles are one inch finished.  That took a bit of finagling.

Before the month closes…

I want to share the first block in a series for Bee, Myself and I

The idea behind BM&I is to do a bit of sewing just for ourselves each month.  And like so many other quilters out there I often find that hard to do, as I feel that it is selfish to spend the time, energy and funds on me.   Thanks to Granny Maud’s Girl and Kate Chiconi from Tall Tales at Chiconia, I have had the prompting to begin.  Thank you both!

I had a few false starts last month when I listened to the lady at the quilt shop on background choices for my Hat Boxes blocks.  She didn’t understand how Kaffe Facet works: bright colors, wild florals and prints.  In a word bold.   And of course I had forgotten to pick up my book on the way out the door.  I got home and tried to make them work, but they simply were not right.  They were pale, insipid, uninspired.

I had to wait for the next payday, and then went out yesterday to shop for new backgrounds.  I love the new fabrics, but again made a wrong choice for the box I had already cut out.  The banding on the box is too close in value and print.

Having worked so diligently on the Y seam involved on the background I was loath to disassemble the block

and just made a new one.  This is much better!

Color is washed out due to flash, sorry.

The block is done!

Last thoughts:   It was frustrating to have picked wrong fabrics initially, and to have again made the same mistake this month with assembly.  However, I have learned how to make a very good “Y” seam and now have another background all ready to go for another hat box in the future!  That said, after all that trouble to make a perfect “Y” seam it was rather disturbing to realize I would be cutting it off the back to reduce the thickness of the layers for quilting!

I just have to remind myself that it was all worth the effort, because now I have a new skill in my arsenal



Too thrifty?

Maybe, but sometimes it pays off.

I taped down a quilt sandwich with painters tape and after pin basting it, I pulled the tape off and stuck it here.  I thought, who knows, maybe it will come in handy later.

This morning while ironing an approximate fat quarter, left over from a project I am working on, I found a very small hole in one corner.   I decided to mark it so I won’t forget about it when I pull it out to use it.

Can’t miss it now can I?

Are you  a hoarder  thrifty too?  😉

Carolina Hurricane Project

Today’s post is informative, but brief, as Carole has posted all the details for this project on her website.

Carole, at From my Carolina Home, is organizing a quilting project for those who were hardest hit by hurricane Florence this month.  The blocks are scrappy, feature  jewel or earth tones, are surprisingly versatile 9 patch blocks, and in a word – beautiful!

She is accepting 12 1/2 inch blocks, whole quilt tops (queen sized) or finished quilts.

If you are moved to help please visit Carole on her blog  to read all the particulars and to get your copy of the block directions as well as where they are to be sent .

You will find all of her information here:

Carolina Hurricane Quilts

Thank you!