Uh-Oh, I made lemons

So I turned them into lemonade.

What I wanted was little half inch checkers to go with my wee pinwheel blocks.  As you see, I messed up on the math and made them a wee bit too small.


Blocks this small take more time and excellent pinning to come out right.  And yes, there’s that silly math problem to work out too.  Rather than pick them all apart, they are simply too small for that, or just toss them, that would be wasteful, I chose to make something I’ve really wanted/needed for some time!

A pin cushion and thread catcher set.  The blocks are still junk, I couldn’t even make the checkerboard come out (!!!)  but they work well enough for this application.  ;)


Pin cushion with wonky non-checkerboard top


And thread catcher. 

The fat bit on the back of the tread catcher, behind the pin cushion, is a little rice stuffing to weight it in place when I move the pin cushion.

My last sewing pins were on one of those magnetic donuts to hold them in place.  Over time they collected dust, tarnished and became magnetized themselves.  Sticking to themselves was frustrating, but tarnished pins leaving marks in your lovely fabric was infuriating!

I paid good money for wonderful, new ,very fine, glass head pins, and now they have a decent (if a bit wonky) home.  And the bonus thread catcher means no more loose threads traveling about the house on my sock clad feet or in Buddy’s fur!

Ah, that’s better!


And for today’s magic trick…


I turn this into something else I need.

Please Stay tuned.

Old Dog New Tricks

Been busy, oh so busy teaching myself new tricks…  Pictures  with few words today.

(Click the first picture for gallery and captions)

NOTES:  The curved seam practice went not so well, but it was a good learning experience and made a cute little mat for the kitchen table.   It now holds the napkins, salt and pepper.

So what are the little hexagon shapes in the picture of the finished cupcake?  Why my next learning exercise of course!  ;)

Julie’s apron is HERE

Be back soon!


ETSY doesn’t make it easy with their new shipping calculator set up, but I think I got it covered!

And now no matter where in the world you live you can buy it if you like it!

Newly added is my Log Cabin table topper.


You can find it HERE

Things should start showing up a bit more regularly now.  :)




I put it up and it’s SOLD! 

That makes me happy.


Buyer Beware! A public service announcement.

It has often been said

Let the buyer beware

I have never really had issues with online purchases in the past.  Most companies are glad for your purchases and will hurry your order out their door quickly and efficiently.   The end result is a happy customer who will order from you again when they need an item.

Not so with My Sewing Machine Parts.

I had ordered from them twice in 2012 and got what I expected.  I do not recall any issues with the orders placed in that year.

Now it seems that they no longer have a phone number on their web page and you can only contact them via email which they ignore.

I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and will be seeking restitution.  Incidentally MSMP took my money the moment I ordered my item. On a hunch I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau  (BBB’s) web page and no surprises, there are 9 complaints for 2014 through 2015 for the very same issue as mine.  They also had a phone number listed, but it goes straight to voice mail.  I left them a message, but don’t expect anything to come of it.

So, if you are a sewist and need parts and supplies for your machine, then remember this name:

My Sewing Machine Parts

and don’t order from them.


Don’t know what the Better Business Bureau is?

BBB logo

Just click their logo to learn more.