I made this. ‘-)

To understand the following, you would have to know that Tucker stole my Gutermann quilting thread and I couldn’t find it.  I eventually found it and posted this:


The Managing Director sent me a message on Facebook that I didn’t see until months later wherein he had offered to replace the thread.  I explained that the thread color in question was not a usual color for my work and thanked him anyway.  He then said to name my thread and I told him I could use some polyester sewing thread in color 102 (gray) which I use a lot of in my machine piecing.  I received the thread shortly thereafter.  😉

I feel it was a very generous, and much appreciated gift!

The following is my response to him.


Letter to Managing Director at Gutermann Thread

February 5, 2013

Dear Mr. *******,

I would like to properly thank you for sending me the two spools of gray sewing thread to replace the quilter’s thread my dog Tucker chewed up.   To show my thanks I have made you a little gift.  It is a bit primitive, as I am still learning,



Lynda Swink & Tucker too


Tucker, my little (B)Rat Terrier

Oh yes, and Tucker wanted you to know that he has promised to never chew up such fine thread again!


My enclosure…


One six and one half-inch Mini Quilt depicting a spool of chewed thread.   😉    The work is machine pieced, needle turned applique, with hand quilting.  I almost sent this without taking a picture of it!  (That would have made me sad.)

I had fun!


PS:  I still owe you a post, but I am trying to figure out how best to write it and if it even wants writing.  😛



Item:  Christmas Candle Mat

Pattern:  Churn Dash

Size:   17 X 17 inches

Machine pieced and quilted, with hand rolled and sewn binding.   

Practice, practice, practice! 

So is it late for Christmas, or just very early?  😉