The Official Paint Tester Sez…


Yup, it’s still wet.  Better not touch it.



People who live in areas with red clay soil,  and own kitties who “knock” at the door,  should NOT have white  doors on their house.

While white doors may look lovely, the fact is evident,  that they are magnets for ugly paw prints.   No matter how often you clean them, well, eventually the grime just stains and won’t come off!

Unpainted back door!  GAAACK!

After three years of battling the never ending grunge I finally decided on a different plan.


Newly painted front door

I think the color works both aesthetically and functionally.    I will still have to wipe it down, but at least it won’t show the stains anymore!

So, I guess I’ll be painting the back door next!

Winter work

When the wind blows cold, and the garden sleeps, the only thing that can get me outside is my critters!  I have to let them out, feed them, change water, clean out their hutches and sleeping quarters, and this week I’ve been thawing out their water troughs and founts!   We’re just barely breaking freezing during the daylight hours!   It is a bittersweet job.

While I know the chickens and geese stay healthy for my having done all this work, and I am sure on some level they appreciate it, it is none the less a dreary job in winter temperatures and/or the rain.

So, once my duties to flock are done I then come in to do house work and special projects.  This winter my special projects are:

  1. Redo the pantries (yes, curiously, there are two of them)
  2. Paint the bathrooms
  3. Work on my Etsy items
  4. Research historical facts for my book!!!  (I am very excited about this!)

The first project on the list is actually pretty easy, although making the trim was very time-consuming.   I wanted to add a trim of some sort like they used to do in the 40’s and 50’s but there are none to be had because they are no longer made.  Too bad I say, but I won’t let it hold me back.  I found a place with instructions to make my own, but then I ended up doing it entirely differently!  I pinch pleated and sewed them all down… That   took   a    v – e – r – y        l – o – n –  g        t – i – m – e.  Then I sewed on the Swiss Dot Red Grosgrain ribbon.

Here is what I was up against… as in literally.





Crammed and packed in two layers, It was hard for me to get into the back to reach anything because it is over a three-foot reach!  The solution?  Remove the front boards off of each of the lower levels,  which then gave me about a two foot wide access.  To replace the lost shelf space, we then mounted a demi-shelf at eye level, and added new shelving across the bottom.


Carpentry Done and first coat of paint applied



NOTE:  Plumbing panel to the bathroom tub is not blocked.  The shelf is braced on the panel, but not nailed in place to allow for easy access.  Light items only here.


Now that I am done painting, I’m waiting for the paint to dry for 48 hours (so the cans won’t stick into it).  I am resisting the urge to just throw it all back in because I can’t stand the mess in my kitchen and dining rooms.  Ech!



Skirting stapled into place…

OK, Done!



Total cost to paint and skirt two pantries:  Under $15:00.

I’m happy!