Noodle Needs

Waiting for someone?


Our little friend Noodle has very long and slender legs.  He is very close to the drafty floorboards too.  So when the weather drops below freezing you will usually find him in a lap or laying on a heat register.

Poor little Noodle dog.



Meet the Noodle

After almost three months we finally decided it was time to find a new little dog.

Our criteria were:

  1. Small – 15lbs or less
  2. Terrier MIX  – a pure breed seemed to be too health fragile
  3. Had to PLAY BALL!
  4. On the young side – being a puppy was optional but under 2 years at least
  5. Trainable – being a terrier pretty much assured that.

As I had with Tucker and Buddy I went to the internet to seek the little critter and I found him on Craig’s List.

The add read:

Rat terrier mix looking for a loving home. He is neutered and crate trained/housebroken. He is very intelligent, easy to train, and knows simple commands (sit, stay). He is a great pal to take out for runs and he loves to play fetch!!! We have a full year worth of flea/tick prevention and heart worm medication and we have all of his vet records. He is in excellent health. Unfortunately he is dog #3 in our home and his Alpha-male tendencies do not jive well with our dominant male French Bulldog. We are sad to see him go, but he would be better suited in another loving home.



a long drive.

(200 miles round trip)

We didn’t mind.  I drove approximately 500 miles round trip when we lived in California to go get Buddy.  He was worth it and so is the new little pup.

This is the Noodle


At 17 pounds he is about 2 pounds bigger than Tucker, but he fits in the little dog’s bed even with his favorite toy in there with him.

However, it must be said that his favorite place to sleep is…


My seat!

I get up, I come back, and there he is.


The Noodle has some highly skilled parts that come standard with this breed and are controlled by a very high dose of canine intelligence!

Noodle Parts Chart

(click for larger view)

Noodle-Parts-ChartA fun time is guaranteed with this pup!


Oh yes, and why name him Noodle?

Tucker had a docked tail that we called the stinger when he wagged it.  He moved it so fast that the little white tip would blur in a visual trail.

Noodle has his whole tail ~ yay!  When he wags, it is wiggly, and looks a bit like a wet noodle.

Ergo his new moniker:  Noodle.


A good dog is hard to find.

A good used dog?  Almost impossible.

We think we found a great one!

Tucker, "Why do you let them do this to you, Buddy?"

The things that break your heart

I have avoided this news long enough.  It is hard for me to tell.

June, is usually a very happy month for us because we celebrate Bob’s Birthday and our anniversary.  This year we suffered two losses.

First to go was Tucker.  His demise was not unexpected and even the vet commented he never expected him to live so long after his diagnosis of Cushings and Diabetes two years ago, but he had a very strong will to survive.

Tucker was our *Fur Kid.  Smartest, cutest, most entertaining, the list could go on, but I won’t do that to you.  ;)

Suffice it to say that he has left a very big hole in our lives.  That was the first Tuesday in June.

The very next Tuesday Claus didn’t come home for breakfast.  He was always at the picture window, pawing on the glass to be let in and mewing fervently, “Me-in, Me-in, Me-IN!”

Most cats are aloof, but not Claus.  We will never know for sure, but suspect it was the fox or coyote that have been visiting the chickens in our neighborhood.  I chills my heart to think of it.

Claus was a lover.  He always wanted to be in your lap, and purred the loudest of any cat we have ever had.  He was gimpy, couldn’t climb trees, and loved his comfort!

<3 They are gone, but not forgotten. <3


*I’ve heard some people make jokes about us old folk who think of their pets as “fur-kids”.  However, for some of us they fill/filled that empty place that children might have if you’d been able to have them.  I mightn’t have said it before, but now realize, that Tucker and Claus were our two very special ‘fur-kids’.