Breakfast is Served

On Sabbath morning we enjoy eating extravagantly by taking the time to make delectable treats to break our fast.

Persimmony-PerfectionBreakfast is served!

Gluten Free waffles made from scratch and topped with whatever fresh fruit is in season are a favorite.  In summer it was blueberries fresh from the garden.  Today it was the previously mentioned abundant Fuyu persimmons sliced wafer thin and arranged over the top.

I have always sliced them into wedges to eat like an apple and therefore missed the surprise inside!  I find the pattern is reminiscent of the sand dollar.

Don’t you agree?

Photo Friday: Fog at Sunset

The rain storm that blasted through the south ended in a lovely fall finish.  It had been warm all day and when the rain stopped the fog began.  It was the strangest sunset I have ever seen!

SilhouetteEerie, yet lovely.


BTW The tree is not a tangerine.  They don’t grow here.  It is a *Fuyu Persimmon and for the first time it was loaded!  YUM!  :)  Nobody on my street like persimmons but me.  :(

Bonus points if you find the man in the Oak tree.  ;)

NOTE:  *I hate persimmons, but make an exception for the Fuyu variety.  You eat them like an apple while still firm!  They can be cooked but I prefer them fresh.  Although, I may have to make an exception this year.  Waste not want not.

WordPress is doing it again…

Dear Friends of the Farmlet,

Has anyone else been hit by the new blog posting format?  In it’s latest screw-up er, change-up the very useful add on, Zymanta, is GONE.  The ability to make your photographs clickable for a better view also appears to be GONE.

If you have noticed these changes and found out how to get back the functionality we all knew and loved could you please post your findings here for the benefit of all of us?

Thank you! <3


PS:  If you have not experienced the changes yet, then please come back when they hit and let us know your thoughts. 



Uh-Oh, I made lemons

So I turned them into lemonade.

What I wanted was little half inch checkers to go with my wee pinwheel blocks.  As you see, I messed up on the math and made them a wee bit too small.


Blocks this small take more time and excellent pinning to come out right.  And yes, there’s that silly math problem to work out too.  Rather than pick them all apart, they are simply too small for that, or just toss them, that would be wasteful, I chose to make something I’ve really wanted/needed for some time!

A pin cushion and thread catcher set.  The blocks are still junk, I couldn’t even make the checkerboard come out (!!!)  but they work well enough for this application.  ;)


Pin cushion with wonky non-checkerboard top


And thread catcher. 

The fat bit on the back of the tread catcher, behind the pin cushion, is a little rice stuffing to weight it in place when I move the pin cushion.

My last sewing pins were on one of those magnetic donuts to hold them in place.  Over time they collected dust, tarnished and became magnetized themselves.  Sticking to themselves was frustrating, but tarnished pins leaving marks in your lovely fabric was infuriating!

I paid good money for wonderful, new ,very fine, glass head pins, and now they have a decent (if a bit wonky) home.  And the bonus thread catcher means no more loose threads traveling about the house on my sock clad feet or in Buddy’s fur!

Ah, that’s better!


And for today’s magic trick…


I turn this into something else I need.

Please Stay tuned.