Because everyone needs a good porch frog

Do you have one?

Most mornings before sunrise I go out with Bob, sit on the bench, and…

Talk to the frog.

Meanwhile, Bob is putting his things in his car, getting in and backing out the drive.  We wave goodby and I go back in, but not before thanking the little green porch frog for a job well done.

Apparently, he eats A LOT of bugs in the night… just judging by the mess he leaves below.  😐

But I can’t complain, because he’s just so stinkin’ cute!

Well, I think he is.


Good Morning!


Scrap Happy for September 15th

When I can, I enjoy participating in Scrap Happy which is sponsored via Kate and Gun. There are a few of us who like to use it all up and not make waste with our scraps. I am not certain this counts, or should I say should be counted twice (in two categories) but it is made entirely of scraps.

I have participated in the Ovarian Cancer quilt through my friend Kate in Australia and have several teal fabric scraps left from the process.  I volunteered for two blocks in the quilt this year entitled: “Go Teal it on the Mountain”. You will have to wait for the other one to post after I put them into the mail. 😉

Specimen One follows…

There is a bit of back story on this design. It was inspired by a Tattoo I spotted on a young woman’s arm. I did a Google search for “Delectable Mountain quilt block pattern” and voila!  Her arm popped up in the findings.  Generally speaking, I am not interested in tattoos, but this one is so different it caught my eye and was the inspiration for my quilt block.

This tattoo brought to you by *Tattoo People G.No

To test the design I wanted to use for couching onto the surface I used a bit of clear cellophane gift wrapping medium to lay over the quilt block and then traced out my pattern.

You will note the finished couched design was not exactly like the trial version I had mapped out. I decided I didn’t want to have so many starts and stops to weave back into the stitching on the back of the block.  I think two back woven ends are better than five.

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A last note:  As mentioned above, I am not a tattoo person, but…  were I ever to consider it G. No at Tattoo People would be my artist.  And artist is a true description of the person behind this work!  Florals and birds in colors that are amazing are the signature in their skin art.  Following the link and waiting for the popup to load will allow you to click through a slide show of some previous beauties.

Not scrap happy but not idle either

The title says it all.  I have been very busy repairing, making and finishing.


My purse/backpack which was coming apart on the upper left corner.

I used 40-year-old fishing line that I collected somewhere along the way from my family. 

The stitching went into the old holes, but I had to back track to get a continuous looking line of stitching.  I then used a suture knot on the inside to tie it off.  For your interest; these are very good knots for quilters who hand tie their work.  The extra twist locks the thread so it stays put while you finish the tying.  Oh yes, and no need to ask for someone’s finger, because the knot is good for package tying too!

LINK:  Not to worry;  it’s only thread and diagrams.


Bob’s Moreno wool socks

The toes go first, note the repairs on the two laid out, and then the heels.  This one may be too far gone, but at the price of Moreno socks I will give it a try!


You saw these doll quilts/table toppers in a previous post but here is a closer and clearer look. 

Every once in a while I lose my mind and do a bit of hand quilting. 

This one was small and I took lots of breaks to save my eyes from strain.


Nope, not done – yet.

Machine quilted straight line and stitch in the ditch

I had to go Frogging on this one twice!  First on the center blocks because I let intuition take over instead of referencing the pattern.  I was so proud of my work until I looked back at the pattern picture and realized it bore no resemblance to the original!  And again when I realized that two setting blocks, one each on the  center sides of the bottom, were sewn incorrectly.  I think I saved its looks by picking the stitches to release the seam and pressing it to the outside.  I then restitched and quilted just to the outside corners of the blocks. This one is waiting for the fabric I had to order for the binding.  It may be here today!

OK, back to work, but before I leave I will mention that I am joining up with Carla of Granny Maud’s Girl  in the Bee Myself and I group.  They post progress at the end of the month on projects that are made just for themselves.  It gives us permission to be just a bit selfish and make for ourselves and not everyone else.  Feeling guilty about making if it isn’t for someone else or for sale is really stifling to the creative process sometimes.

Granny Maud's Girl: Bee, Myself and I

~*~   V@_

CREDITS:  Mini quilt patterns are from the Temecula Quilt Co. in Temecula, California.  The line is “Mini a Month – 2018”.  For those interested, there will be a new set available for 2019.


ScrapHappy – for July 15th

I just found out today is the anniversary of the ScrapHappy group of creative people who use it up and make something wonderful from what is left for scrap.  We have also grown by four new members too!  Please be sure to follow the links below to see what all the others have created this month!

Today’s item is in my estimation a prototype.  I read a lot and get most of my books through my local library using Overdrive.  The books are chosen from those available digitally through my library, and then I download them from Amazon onto my Fire tablet.

(I must mention this service is available for free, and that even if you don’t have a fire tablet, or other reading device you can also use your computer.)

Anyway, back to this month’s effort for scrap happy.  I recently made some box valances for the windows in my new studio…

and there was about 1/2 yard of fabric left.  So, I layered it with batting scraps,

quilted it, trimmed it, sewed it into a tube, then sewed the ends in opposing directions at top and bottom after stuffing it well.  All to make a little pillow for my Fire!

It holds the tablet at the right angle for reading and saves my hands from holding it for hours.  (arthritis)  It also prevents neck strain from rolling my head forward to get a good angle to read when it is flat in my lap.

  • So, is it perfect?  No.
  • Does it do the job I created it to do?  Yes.
  • Is it more comfortable on my lap than the lint roller I had been getting by with to hold it up and keep it from sliding away on my lap?  Absolutely.
  • Has it offered some free motion quilting practice?  Yes!  Again not perfect, but I think the random stitching works OK with the loud, large print of the fabric.

All in all it was a fun project, used up total trash from my quilting closet, and I can now read comfortably.  Mission accomplished!

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NOTE:  Overdrive is available for every platform and device for free HERE