Friday Fictioneers for March 8, 2019


  • Write a complete story, beginning, middle and end, in 100 words or less.
  • Take time to proofread and edit.
  • Make every word count.
  • Include the photo prompt and Linkz on your page and link your story URL.
  • Read and comment.  Reciprocation is half the fun!

It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see.  ~ Henry David Thoreau


Special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her weekly inspiration


100 Words

the cat came back…


He’d tried numerous ways to be rid of the cat that slept on his scooter’s seat each day.

Scaring only caused it to wink is eyes.  Boxing it and freeing it in the woods simply increased the time between sightings.  Then he tried giving it away.  The new owner promised she would keep it inside.  She called a week later telling him it had escaped.

And there she was.

Scooping the cat up he took it inside. Then,  grabbing  a butcher knife he cut off a largish hunk of fish and fed her.

Resignedly he whispered, “Welcome home”

She purred.


Giving credit where credit is due – I think my writing today has been heavily influenced by a song written in 1893 by Harry S. Miller.

Image Credit:  PD-US,

And up until today I had thought it was a product of the early 60s, as in this very popular version recorded by the New Christy Minstrels.

I trust you’ve found my ending much happier for the cat?


For some really great takes on today’s prompt just click the little blue frog!

Last week on the Farmlet

I finished this and it is ready for quilting.

I am so glad about how it finally came together.  And yes, I did fix that one block.  I couldn’t stand it and it was easy to do…  😉

My dog did a bad thing in the mudroom…

NOODLE,  what have you done!?  Doesn’t he look the next thing to a Chuckle-head?

So what was so irresistible in the waste basket?  You might think it was the empty dog food bag, but no, it was his demolished  blue ball!  He’d chewed a hole in it and it was looking particularly nasty inside so I buried it in the bottom of the wastebasket.  I thought the dog food bag would be a good coverup.  Guess not.

Won’t make that mistake again


Some things are better for waiting…

as you read in a previous post

It was October 5th of last year, when I started a quilt called “And So It Crows” by Karen Walker.  As it happened, I bit off more than I could chew, as they say.  I got the first row of flowers done and then worked on the center crows and nothing, and I do mean NOTHING was matching up.


So I plunked the rest of what I had redone onto the board and left it there.  For a very long time.  You see, the process of working on this was so frustrating to me that I just had to set it aside till I could work on it with confidence.

Between then and now I worked on many smaller projects involving points that aren’t to be lost in the seams involving hundreds of one inch blocks. and then all of a sudden I felt ready to tackle the crows once more.  Points you may ask? See all those flower petals, beaks, wing and tail feathers below.

And now I am here

There are only 164, 2.5 inch squares to be made and sewn together for the border.  Much easier than the 1 inch half square triangles and squares for all the birds and flowers… so…

Coming right up!


For those who are counting the one inch blocks, there are:  160 for flowers plus 102 for birds which equals 262 one inch blocks.  That’s a’lotta little blocks

AND, for those eagle-eyed people who always see the mistakes, there are two, one was replicated tidily throughout the piece, and I will leave it.  And one is going to drive me round the bend and I don’t think I can finish without fixing it.  I didn’t even notice it til I put it up here in this post.


Do you see them?

Unspeakable evil

I never talk about politics principally because the news media makes such a hash of it every minute of every day.  However, this week our nation took a step that is beyond sense and reason, New York specifically, and Virginia seems to be right in line to do so.

It has given a woman the choice to kill her baby right at birth or just after birth.  That is murder.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against a woman’s choice to choose abortion.  I could never have  done it myself, but I would not stand in the way of another woman’s choice.

But clearly  a child in the third trimester is no longer the lump of cells that women have fought to rid themselves of in the past.

My heart breaks to think of what our society has become.

From the delegate’s mouth herself…

After very bad public reaction, she is backing off and saying she misspoke.

Draw your own conclusions.

And don’t beat me.  I’m just the messenger.


I was going to comment on your replies, but in the end I thought it best to just post them, to let you the reader say what you feel, and leave it at that.

We each bring to this discussion our own point of view, each valid and each worth standing on its own merit.

I hope you understand my silence.

❤ ❤ ❤