Process Pledge: oh drat!

You know all those lovely half square triangles I showed you yesterday?  Well, I sewed them up into the required pattern and

WHOA !!!

The block came out way too big… all that perfect matching of points – toast, total waste of time.


Because from across the room I was picture reading the instructions off of my computer screen and couldn’t read the print instructions…

The important one which told me: 

You need to trim each half square triangle to measure 2 3/4” square . . .


I should’ve known better.  You always read all the instructions through before tackling a project, but I got in a hurry.  The old saying still applies,

“the hurrier I go the behinder I get.’


Got it!


Process Pledge: New Quilt beginings

Here is a truth that I probably shouldn’t divulge, but I will anyway, I bought this gold fabric (8 yards of it)  about 5 years ago.  I was excited to jump in and begin and then found the whole idea overwhelming.  Too many blocks, all in varying sizes, with lots of little fiddly bits.  Nope, wasn’t going to happen so early in my quilting career.  😉

So, flash forward to this month and here I am confident enough to try again with a different quilt along and able to use up all this gold and cream fabric!  The color scheme is the same with a bit of Cobalt added as stones and border bits.

This new quilt along I have joined looks to be challenging, but the blocks are all the same size.   I know you will be disappointed not to see my completed blocks as I finish them, but the rules for the joining won’t allow me to share my completed blocks until the end of December when the quilt top is all done!  Never encountered this before, but that’s OK.  I can at least let you in on the colors I have chosen and what I have accomplished thus far.

Here are 16 half square triangles

With Dogears removed


This will be the fourth block completed today and has me caught up with the rest of the group.


Because this one is a mystery quilt along, even I don’t know what the completed quilt will look like when I am all done!

NOTE:  This QA is called Simple Summer Sampler is made possible by Gay Bomers at Sentimental Stitches



Sometimes a good deed does not get punished

I used to give blood in California, not regularly mind you, but from time to time.  Since our move I haven’t.  Not once.  That makes it well over 10 years.

A few weeks back we were walking into Walmart and the Huntsville Bloodmobile was parked right near the entrance.  I heard everyone saying “No”  and “Not today.” and then rushing for the doors to air-conditioned safety.

I decided it was time.

It actually took far longer than I imagined and that meant Bob was cooling his heels for some time, while waiting inside the safety of the air-conditioned store… Sorry Bob, next time I do this I will make sure I am shopping solo.  😉

Anyway, about 6 o’clock that night I got a phone call saying I had won.

“Won what?”  I said.  (I’m thinking it’s a solicitor)

“The TV!” she said.


I went right over to pick it up and this is it…


Bob said:  “This is a Smart TV”

Me:  “Ah…”  (no clue)

I let him hook it up to check it out.

Him:  “Wow, this has amazing graphics and lets me use the new graphic pack I bought to upgrade my game! My screen wouldn’t accept the upgrade.”  (Yes, he is a gamer, but as I have said in the past:  “At least I know where he is while he’s ignoring me.”  😉 )

It was his birthday the next day.  What could I say, but,

Happy Birthday!


Question:  Do any of you give blood?


My title for today’s post is derived from the saying:  No good deed goes unpunished. I went looking for the author and found it attributed to both Clare Booth Luce   (not to be confused with Clare Luce the actress from early 1900s) and Oscar Wilde. 

I must say that both of these individuals are quite interesting reads.




I am still with the living and just buried in projects.  Until tonight when a friend commented how long it’s been since I posted I hadn’t realized how really long it has been!

One project I would like to share is the videos I have taken on my phone.  I have managed to get them to my computer, but need help to get them onto Youtube for posting here.  I tried a “free” video software to fix an error I made in a recording of Noodle, but when I got done and posted it there was a HUGE advertising banner right through the middle of it.  Cheep shot on their part, I say.

All advice will be cheerfully accepted!

So tonight I was doing my best rendition of “Psycho” on a potato to bake in the oven because I didn’t want a revisit of the exploding potato, as happened in 2014, when suddenly I was shocked to see that my very sharp meat-fork was stuck into my thumb.  Yes really.  I heard the thud of one tine as it hit the counter, and was told later in urgent care that the bone kept the other tine from protruding right through to the other side.  A tetanus shot was administered, pain killers, and antibiotics to prevent infection were prescribed and I was on my way.  As we left Bob quipped in the parking lot,

“Stick her with a fork; she’s done!”

I actually laughed.  😉

And how are you all doing?