Scrap Happy for January 15, 2019

It is a new year but I haven’t been posting much since last year.

Maybe it is time to get back into the habit again?

I have been practicing my machine quilting skills and getting better stitch by stitch.

Prepping and pinning orphaned blocks…

Suffering the frustrations of not properly clearing my sewing table…

As I said I’m better, but not good,  not even mediocre.  I will share samples eventually, but not yet.  Too embarrassing!

Meanwhile, I keep making and last month I made this in a quilt along with other quilters on Face book, in a private group called Humble Quilts.  If you quilt you might like joining in on all the fun!

It is called Sajou


Lori DeJarnatt

This mini quilt is 19 by 19, basted, and waiting for me to get my stitching to go where I want it to.  I have gotten a bit of control on stitch length, but not direction  😉


Scrap Happy is hosted by Kate and Gun and open to anyone wishing to use up their scraps in a project.  Waste not want not. Right?   For more delightful projects this month please visit with these lovely creators:

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There is a Red tailed hawk hanging around the Farmlet – I chased it away yesterday. 

Today I have had to chase it away three times! 🤬 First time it swooped in and tried to haul away my favorite hen, Little Red. It came down less than four feet from me to get her!  The second time the geese alerted me that it captured and killed one of my Japanese Bantams. I did not let it keep the carcass. Now I have had to go out and chase it away again! Lucky for the second little Japanese hen I got out there in time and she only lost a few feathers.
It was amazing to see all the hens up in the branches of the large bush by my bedroom window.  Thinking all was well I went inside, but came back about a half hour later to see where the other half of my flock had disappeared to.  The stragglers followed me to the hen-house and I found the rest all hiding in the there and squished up against the farthest wall. I came out in time to see the last two little black Silkies making a break for it and the Silkie Rooster standing at the half way point calling to them.  He herded them into the shelter once they passed by.
That Red tailed hawk was pretty brazen. On the second encounter I came up behind it and it turned its head to look at me… it didn’t budge. I nudged it with my boot, it leapt  up, landed about 8 feet away, skittered to a stop, then turned and caped its wings to stare me down. I walked right up to it and it gaped its beak at me and fluffed up as big as it could make itself. I nudged the bruiser a bit harder (no, not hard enough to injure it) and it finally took off.

Waiting for sunset and hoping it finds a squirrel or something in the meantime.   😦

This has happened before back in January of 2011.  You can read about that episode and see a picture of the hawk – HERE   –  You can also see a picture of my little hen Tippy, who got free and then flew all the way across the pasture!   (Til then, I hadn’t known that chickens could really FLY.) –  HERE 

I hesitate to tell this ladies, but…

Hello Friends,

I have been very quiet this month because I have been ill and fighting a bacterial infection. The following could be offensive to your sensibilities, and I hope I don’t shock anyone by speaking about it, but it is good to know if, like me, your immune system is compromised by another health issue. (diabetes)

Somehow I have picked up a nasty bacteria out in the wilds of the public areas downtown.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as in my observation only about 5 to 10% of folks around here bother to wash their hands after visiting the restroom.  (Although strangely, this isn’t the case with Costco shoppers.  They seem to wash every time!)  Through research on the web I’ve discovered that my bacterial invader lives everywhere, and in specific forms that can attack us, animals and plant life as well.  For humans it is most often caught in the hospital and attacks the lungs causing pneumonia.

I never worried about this because I always wash my hands. By doing so I always thought I was safe.   I have avoided using hand sanitizers and scary antibacterial soaps with “Triclosan”, because I felt this helped my immune system to build up natural defenses, that our society as a whole has been hell-bent to destroy for many years.

Not any more! I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I now think that , at least for me, it has become a “when in Rome” situation.  The super bugs are out there and need to be attacked; at least when in public.

I asked my home care nurse how I could end up with this bacteria, Pseudomonas, when I am so careful about hand washing and using a paper towel to get out of the restroom in public places… and she said:

“You go into the restroom, use the facilities, wipe, and you have infected yourself because you picked up the germs on the way in.”

I guess in this day and age we need to wash before and after in public?

I am now on large doses of a strong antibiotic, administered  two times daily for seven days, which is delivered via a port put into my  arm. Why?  Because the regular antibiotics given via the normal oral route do not work!  At the end of the antibiotic series  another test culture will be done to be sure I am well. (If the bacteria goes into my kidneys it is harder to get rid of.)

Not so nice.

As I sit here and read what I have written I think I sound like one of those nut jobs who send out the chain emails you get so often.  But, hello!  I am seriously freaked-out about this.

OK – End of public health scare advisory

You can now roll your eyes and tsk-tsk at me if you like, I won’t see you, but I feel better for letting you know about this.  :mrgreen:

Ultra short!

Good Morning!

It is the crack of dawn as I sit here in front of the computer in my studio.  Outside my window grows a very large viburnum (Cardinal Candy by name).  It is always busy with birds during the daylight hours, but this morning it has one visitor.

A lovely Mockingbird who is singing a serenade, and seemingly, just for me.